Muuvit at the Educar Fair 2015 in São Paolo, Brazil

„This event was a great step to further promote and implement the Muuvit programme in Latin America," explains Maxwill Braga, who leads the process in Brazil. „We got very positive feedback from partners, teachers and principals. They were fascinated by the Muuvit adventure and would love to see this programme everywhere in Brazil,“ says Mr. Braga.

The Educar Fair (20th – 23th May 2015) is the biggest education event in Latin America.  The focus is to improve education in the classroom and to promote the potential of education technology to both public and private education institutions at all levels of learning. About 18.000 people visited the fair e.g. educators, principals of public and private schools, public administrators, entrepreneurs and key speakers.

„ We participated in two panel discussions and two round tables. The main topics were comprehensive and interdisciplinary education, the importance of playing during childhood as well as strategies to stimulate the development of skills, competence and values. Muuvit was suggested as an innovative physical activity programme to deliver educational contents,“ tells Mr. Braga.

In September 2014 Muuvit was successfully launched in Brazil together with strong partners such as REMS and Instituto Compartilhar, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) as well as the Finnish Foreign Ministry. Since last year 500 kids have been joining the muuvit adventure in Latin America. I strongly believe that soon it will become the largest primary education programme in the country," says Mr. Braga.

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